Is specialist software needed?

To the inexperienced photographer, all of this might sound a little complicated and the thought of using new software to complete the task might be off-putting. However, with many of the digital backgrounds for photography, software such as Adobe Photoshop CC will be enough and many people are already familiar with this software if they have tried it to sharpen up their images or make a few simple changes. Photographers that are working with technology such as a green screen or Chroma Key will need to have specific software that works with this. One example is FXhome Photokey. This is something that really only applies to the professional photographer working from a studio rather than the amateur learning new skills. Once you have the photo editing software then you have everything that you need to remove the original background from the photo and add in digital backdrops. Any digital photo can be altered in this way but some people might prefer to begin with a solid color background. Green, white and gray backgrounds are often recommended for those working in a studio and some experts suggest gray rather than the traditional green as gray is much easier to block out completely than the green.

How complicated is this?

The truth is that this depends on a lot of things. You need to take into consideration the photo that you want to change, the type of software that you have chosen to work with and how well you know it. It can be a little difficult for those who are just starting out but with a little practice you will find the process much easier and will soon enjoy just how creative you can be with digital technology. It is worth spending a bit of time practicing these techniques to see how well they work with the images that you have taken. Once you have mastered the basics you can begin to add in other effects such as Photoshop Actions. These are unique to the Photoshop software and you can add them in just by pressing a button. With one click you can give your photo a vintage feel or a black and white effect. These are some of the simpler ‘actions’ that you give it a whole new spin.

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